Elektor International Media B.V.

EIM (Elektor International Media)

Zhomer company EIM comprises four leading media brands in the field of (audio) electronics: Elektor, Circuit Cellar, audioXpress and Voice Coil. EIM is one of the leading global sources of technical information and electronic products for professional e-engineers, electronics designers and companies that are looking at them as customers. Our international teams develop and produce high quality content through a variety of channels (magazines, videos, newsletters, webinars, books and social media) with respect to embedded systems, electronics design, do-it-yourself electronics and hi-fi audio on a daily basis.

For more than half a century EIM’s electronics community has grown to about 350,000 loyal members, dozens of very prominent electronics companies and more than 1,000 dedicated authors and experts.

Currently both professional e-engineers as well as passionate electronics hobbyists trust on EIM’s media brands for need-to-know information about both the theoretical and practical aspects of electronics. But also for delivery of kits and instruments, which are often developed in house by our laboratories (Netherlands & India). Electronics manufacturers, service providers and parts suppliers are cooperating with our brands to enforce their own brands. All around the globe.

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