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Zhomer company FWD is a specialised internet publisher of sites and stores such as Hifi.nl, FWD Magazine, Smarthome Magazine, Tablets Magazine, Wearables Magazine, Gadgets Magazine and 3D TV Magazine.

FWD is the largest portal on audio technologies in the Benelux with a focus on sound and vision


FWD was founded in 1999. Within a decade, FWD's media companies became the largest AV platform in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg). Through its platform, e-zines, magazines, videos and websites, FWD successfully reaches 2.5 million consumers per year in the Netherlands and Belgium.

These are people with a passion for consumer electronics, both at home and on the go. Together, they form a community of dedicated members: people who rely on the independent advice of FWD’s specialists when they search for new (or used) products. These they will find in the online stores, packed with the best products.