Statutory addressKijkOver

Zhomer Media Business B.V. is located in a charming country house in Hof van Twente (Diepenheim), a small estate “De KijkOver”, as part of the bigger estate “Nijenhuis & Westerflier”.

Houboerweg 1
7478 RS Hof van Twente
The Netherlands



Zhomer headquarters are situated in Kasteel Limbricht, near Eindhoven. This historic castle – now owned by the Castle Limbricht Foundation – dates from the 10th century and has been renovated at the beginning of this century. In 2007, after extensive renovation, the castle became the home of Zhomer and its company EIM. The castle houses EIM’s own Elektor lab and a TV studio. In the nearby town of Susteren, Zhomer has its own international logistics center.

Allee 1
6141 AV Limbricht
The Netherlands

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High Tech Center

High Tech Center AachenZhomer’s German acitivities are based at Elektor’s High Tech Center, near the prestigious RWTH Aachen. The RWTH is one of the largest technical universities of Europe and hence the perfect neighbor for Elektor in Germany

Elektor-Verlag GmbH
Kackertstr. 10
52072 Aachen