Welcome to Zhomer

On this website you will find information about Zhomer and her current sister companies EIM, Lenthe, and Xingo. We operate in various markets and countries with our market-leading media brands: EIM worldwide with a focus on electronics and audio technologies; Xingo in the Benelux with a focus on picture and sound; and Lenthe in the Netherlands (Limbricht, Tilburg and Amsterdam) with a focus on philanthropy. Together, they generate around 10 million euros in revenue with about 50 employees in the Netherlands and 15 employees and agents abroad.

I’d like to demonstrate how we use our media to further our entrepreneurial endeavors and explain how Zhomer’s networks and companies can help you, as an investor or entrepreneur, with your own business activities. We don’t implement old-school publishing tricks that were developed before the online revolution. We have a fresh, surprising approach to doing business in this digital era. How do we achieve that? That’s an outstanding question to start our first meeting…

Don Akkermans, founder and owner Zhomer
Mail: don.akkermans@eimworld.com
Call: +31 (0)6 54 98 61 61