ZhomerAs a special interest publisher Zhomer is mainly active within communities defined by a common (professional) ‘lingo’ and their need for specific information, knowledge and inspiration. The more homogeneous these communities are, the better: whether it concerns passionate electronic engineers, hifi-audiophiles or top-management in the world of philanthropy. Zhomer believes in the authentic strength of quality content and a multimedia strategy in which e-commerce plays a dominant role. Leading in this is Zhomer’s ‘3C Formula’: creating smart interactions between Content, Community & Commerce.


Zhomer’s philosophy is not defined by traditional publishing terms of ‘readers’ and ‘advertisers’ but instead of networks and aims at tailor made range of out-of-the-box editorial projects, communications services, products and sales channels. In doing so we define people and technology as key success factors. A mix of talent, high quality content and state of the art technology makes the difference in our business strategies.

Zhomer has a flat organisational structure with both very engaged and involved management and staff. Our employees are transparently informed about the business (results) and challenged to actively attribute to innovation in the work process, our services and products.

This approach and vision have lead Zhomer to grow in times of decline and outperform the competition in the transition from traditional publishing to a ‘content & commerce house’. The turnover of Zhomer around 10 million euros (2016) of which 30% derives from e-commerce activities.