Scripta CommunicatieScripta is a creative digital contentmarketing agency, situated in the heart of Amsterdam as part of The Knowledge Mile. Apart from Amsterdam we also have locations in Groningen and Munich, Germany. Scripta devises and develops content formats that enable her clients to build and maintain a valuable relationship with their stakeholders. 

Scripta's team of smart content strategists, creative content managers, data specialists, digital marketing professionals, interactive designers, copywriters and designers helps Scripta's clients to innovate and to get and stay in touch with their community in the smartest ways possible.

"Yes, content marketing is about creative storytelling. That remains the basis and that is where our love for the profession lies. But let's be honest, storytelling, however substantive and loving it may be, remains a commodity as long as those stories don't pay off. Content marketing according to Scripta is all about the perfect interplay of Content, Community & Conversion. That's the game and that's how we want to play it"

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